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UK Online Body Code Practitioner | Lindsey Chalmers

Body Code

Professional Body Code Practitioner in Edinburgh


The Body Code created by Dr. Bradley Nelson is a form of a Energy Work where we identify and release the underlying energies that may be contributing to emotional , mental and physical issues.

The Body Code allows you to find the imbalances and clear them energetically, restoring balance both physically and emotionally. It uses the power of the subconscious mind together with The Body Code Mind Maps to identify and release imbalances. We then release the trapped energy from the meridian system The Body Code uses muscle testing to identify where in a person's energy field the imbalance is occurring and then releases that energy.

The Body Code addresses imbalances in six major area : Energies, Circuits and Systems, Toxins, Nutrition and Lifestyle, Misalignments and Pathogens. The Body Code includes the Emotion Code and Heart Wall and has the 6 categories in total. It is more detailed and goes deeper in identifying and clearing imbalances. It can help with a wide range of both emotional and physical issues. It can provide the opportunity to restore balance and clear blocked energies.

The Body Code can help improve your life, health and emotional well being. You can work on any issue you have, whether it's a health issue, an emotional issue or a behavioural issue. Everything is energy and the Body Code is great for identifying and clearing and releasing those trapped energies. Making changes in the bodies energy field can create physical changes. Most people notice feeling lighter and clearer after a session. Some people notice small subtle changes whereas others feel quite profound changes.


Powerful and Meaningful

” I have received several Emotion Code sessions from Lindsey and every one has been very powerful and meaningful. I was a little skeptical at first but each time she was accurate with her findings”

Gill - Edinburgh

My emotional tension released

” I had a session with Lindsey about a difficult decision I had to make. The next day I felt lighter and clearer. I knew what the right decision for me was and the emotional tension had been released”

Claire - Edinburgh

An immediate improvement in her mood

” My 10 year old daughter had an Emotion Code ( by Proxy ) session with Lindsey. She had been having difficulties at school. A number of Trapped Emotions were released and I noticed an almost immediate change in her mood. She seemed brighter and happier “

Julie - Dundee

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