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About Online Emotion Code & Body Code UK practitioner | EFT UK |

A little bit about me...

About me

As a certified Emotional Freedom Technique or " Tapping" Practitioner and a certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner based in Edinburgh, UK, I became interested in healing and complementary health when I was in my twenties. I initially practiced Reiki Healing and became a qualified Hypnotherapist.

I am also qualified in various massage therapies. It was while studying Meridian Massage I became more interested in the body's energy system of meridians and how blocked or stagnant energy can affect your physical , emotional and mental health.

I am fascinated by the idea " that everything is energy"  and how a change in energy and release of stuck emotions can have such a positive impact on our emotional and physical wellbeing.



Powerful and Meaningful

” I have received several Emotion Code sessions from Lindsey and every one has been very powerful and meaningful. I was a little skeptical at first but each time she was accurate with her findings”

Gill - Edinburgh

My emotional tension released

” I had a session with Lindsey about a difficult decision I had to make. The next day I felt lighter and clearer. I knew what the right decision for me was and the emotional tension had been released”

Claire - Edinburgh

An immediate improvement in her mood

” My 10 year old daughter had an Emotion Code ( by Proxy ) session with Lindsey. She had been having difficulties at school. A number of Trapped Emotions were released and I noticed an almost immediate change in her mood. She seemed brighter and happier “

Julie - Dundee

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